''Rocket Science ''

Liverpool Amal & NW Combine bird of year 2008, put to stock in 2009 as a 2 year old- he is a son of N.1 breeding pair(Box O pair) 

1st Liverpool Amal, 3rd North West Combine 3524b

11th Amal , 17th North West Combine 2236b

5th amal , 40th North west combine 4362b

25th Amal Ludlow 2296b

The only pigeon in Combine with 3 x performances 2008

 'Live Wire'

Liverpool Amal pigeon of the year 07

1st Amal, 1ST Nw -Combine Messac 394 miles - 1979b

29th Liverpool Amal Fougeres, 364miles -  814b

9th Liverpool Amal Ludlow 76miles - 3,442b

Sire of 'Lecky Man'



 'Uncle Jim'

2nd Amal Niort 11th N/West combine (2381b)

6th Amal Fougeres 19th N/West Combine (3871b) 
 9th Amal Lessay 55th N/West Combine (4812b)   
   N/West Combine Bird.of.year 09    
  Liverpool Amal Channel & overall b.o.y   
 Brother to Fazakerly 1st Gold ring 08
Only pigeon in N/W Combine with 3 x performances 2009