'Payback' GB07P42290

1st Amal Hereford (4,000b)

9th Amal Frome (3,250b)

25th Amal (3,095b)

28th Amal Frome (2,145b)


1st Amal Lessay (09 ),


1st Yearling Liverpool Amal

9th N/W Combine - 4812b



'L 100'

2nd Amal

 6th N/w Combine Lessay 4,536b

Brother to Rocket Science


'Lecky Man'

1st Amal Fougeres 700b

6th Nw/Combine 3,038b

6th Amal Niort 623b

22nd Amal Frome 3,872b

Son of 'Live Wire'