Box 'O' Pair 

  "The Box O Pair", breeders of many winners including "Rocket Science" who was the Liverpool Amal Channel & Overall Bird of the Year 2008. North West Combine Bird of the Year. 1st Liverpool Amal 3rd North West Combine 3528 birds. 11th Liverpool Amal 17th North West Combine 2236 birds. 5th Liverpool Amal 40th North West Combine 4362 birds; "L 100" - 2nd Amal Lessay 1069 birds 6th Combine 4536 birds. 9th Amal Hereford 2296 birds. 9th Amal Fougeres. A half sister was one of the bets hens of 2009 "Victoria" - 1st Leigh Arms Open Lessay nearly 8hrs on the wing. 4th Ormskirk 2B. 7th Amal 3703 birds. 16th Amal 2417 birds 34th Combine 6978 birds. A son of "Rocket Science" being a grandson of "The Box O Pair", "Boss Nick" - 1st Leigh Arms Open YB Carentan 2010 7.49hrs on the wing. 1st club 8th Amal Taunton 1690 birds. 3 grandchildren won 5th, 6th & 7th, all off different parents in the Pirrie Gold Ring winning when wining 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th & 7th (2010). A daughter won 1st Niort only bird on the day 2009. 2nd section 9th open MNFC Bordeaux 2010. Sire is the “Box O Cock” son of “Dark Un” direct Willy Thas who selected this cock for stock and he was right because as a 2yr he was already sire & grandsire of winners including 14th section MNFC Picauville and grandsire of 4th section 74th open Fougeres 360mls. “Dark Un” is out of the top breeding cock “Fred” who was paired to “De 10 Duivin” sister to “Beckham” 1st Interprovincial. Dam of “The Box O Cock” is the super stock hen “Flo Jo” breeder of top pigeons and is a daughter of “De Zorro” & “Bonte”. Dam of Lot 31 is “The Box O Hen” a daughter of “Nimrod” winner of 49 prizes in 2yrs racing and went on to be sire & grandsire of winners to National level. To breed “The Box O Hen” “Nimrod” was paired to 151 who flew the MNFC Picauville at 14 weeks old flying 8hrs in a North East wind.